A haven for mystics, rebels, shapeshifters and seekers.

Allow storytelling, ritual, and release to awaken the elemental magyck in you. 


Sovereign Expression & Embodiment

Energetic Allyship & Alignment

Archetypal Wayfinding

Movement Magyck

You learn by doing.

You know because you just know.

You seek guidance, not lectures and rule books.

You seek community and ample time in your hermit hut.

You are a wise cynic and demand integrity and authenticity.

You resonate with the unanswerable, undefined and unexplainable.

You are a Wyld Zygote.

45 min session(s) based on your needs.

Can include Energy work, Lunar Lessons, Somatic Spellwork, Manifestation Magyck, Archetypal Empowerment, et al

To see if we are a match, please send a short email with some details on what you seek to howl@wyldzygote.com.

Open Summer 2024

A motley assortment of online courses and retreats + and an occasional, in-person experience.

No pendulum needed for this Yes

Come, sit down and stay a while,

for Stories and Myths, Lore and more

are found within these invisible walls.


I’m Ann, a psychopomp for the living.

With the spirit of Baba Yaga and the strength of a Khaleesi, the liminal is my playground. I see patterns and break cycles, constantly creating new paths for myself and others.

I have taught internationally and have facilitated circles, retreats, and rituals since 2016. Through my writing, teaching, and mentorship, I believe in releasing the power of raw energy and intuition through archetypal remembrance, sovereign strength, and elemental movement magyck. My work incorporates my Celtic, Germanic and Slavic roots.

Note: Spelling matters. Magic is for Houdini. (I should know – my great uncle was his doctor.)  Magyck for me means working with the deeper life forces and energies of our universe. Other spellings include magick, though I prefer the y.

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